Driving Sales for Clients: Livetransfers.com

April 12, 2017
Because of the systems and technologies they use, Livetransfers.com can customize a campaign to virtually any industry. That is a major reason why their clients include many of the largest financial institutions and brokerages in the country. They provide a great advantage to clients because they don’t just help brokerages, but they are also essential to independent agents, as well. The Livetransfers.com team of skilled professionals start by launching a highly unique and sophisticated marketing effort.

That campaign will then drive traffic to their state-of-the-art call center, where trained live operators screen and pre-qualify the callers. They get as much pertinent information about them as possible, based on their client's direction before transferring the call to the client’s salespeople, who then pick up the phone to close. Between 15-25 percent of all live call transfers from Livetransfers.com are converted into sales, which is an amazing conversion rate, one that saves clients a lot. The methods employed by Livetransfers.com allow them to offer performance based marketing and to generate leads on a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) basis, which means clients pay less for the leads and enjoy a high conversion rate.